Opopanax Essential Oil 0.34f.oz/10ml by Retromass

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Opopanax Essential Oil 0.34f.oz/10ml by Retromass (Therapeutic Grade)

Botanical Family: Commiphora glabrescens
Opopanax is a type of tropical tree with rich oleogum resin in tubular jugs in both the bark and trunk. When Opoponax dries to gummy form, the color became reddish-yellow The rich brown resin from the Commiphora glabrescens is placed into steam distillation to exact into the essential oil.  These trees growing in deep forest of Ethiopia with extremely natural and low inhabitant. Opopanax Essential Oil is also called the Sweet Myrrh Essential Oil which both oils shared many of the same properties. The aroma of Opopanax Essential Oil also resembles of Myrrh, yet it is bit  lighter in intensity.



This essential oil possess aphrodisiac properties and it had been used to inspire sensual and exotic moods. Opoponax Oil is rich with base note earthy aroma with some thrilling woody nuances that helps with stress management.  It's suitable when using for the purpose of with shocking kind of anxiety and general depression. This oil is sunshine to your mind, body, and spirit. In many cultures, Opopanax is used in the event of worship and purification.





Opopanax essential oil is popular in cosmetics and aromatherapy, and blends well with other citrus oils such as orange, palmarosa, frankincense, grapefruit, cinnamon, or sandalwood oils.



Sweetly aromatic, spicy, warm, fresh, deep balsamic aroma.




 Base to Middle Note




You can add small amounts of diffused Opopanax essential oil to your bathwater. It gives you a refreshing feeling afterward. You can also sprinkle droplets of Opopanax essential oil on a cloth and inhale. It keeps you alert and calms down your nerves. Use small amount of Opopannax Oil patch test to see if you're sensitive to this oil.  Do not direct use this oil onto your skin or face.  Always use carrier oil of your choice to dilute this oil.  


Do not use Opopanax essential oil if you are under prescriptions from your doctor. Do not use this essential oil if you're a breastfeeding mother. You are not advised to use Opopanax essential oil if you are pregnant. Do not use an overdose of this oil. Don't use this oil on infants. Avoid the ingestion of this essential oil. If you use this essential oil and you experience skin irritations, please avoid using it. Do not allow Opopanax essential oil to contact with your eyes and inner ears.


Any statement regarding this information have not been evaluated by FDA and are not intended to cure or treat medical disease. This product is only intend to be used as cosmetic , skincare and spiritual health aid.

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Opopanax Essential Oil 0.34f.oz/10ml by Retromass

Regular price $38.40