Health Revival

Health Revival

Words from global authorities are credible. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is defined as complete physical, mental and spiritual well-being. According to the WHO, health is not just the absence of disease, but it is complete welfare in all three departments that comprise health. It is the word of science, but even ancient health revival traditions support the same concept. Great physicians in history, such as Ibn e Sina, Hippocrates, and many others, believed that true health is one takes care of their well-being at all times, and not just temporary therapy when illness strikes.

More and more people today are adopting the traditional approach to health, the approach that provides that we maintain our well-being in all three departments at all times. In other words, the prevention approach. We all know prevention is better than cure, but not everyone is willing to leave behind modern medicine and adopt the traditional approach towards good health. This is because not everyone realizes the true potential that lies behind traditional holistic health care, but for those who do, RETROMASS brings a wide range of 100% organic products to choose from. The special thing about our products is that you can use them anytime in any state of health, not just when you are ill – we believe in prevention and the fortification of good health.

What is Retromass Health Revival?

RETROMASS is a modern organization that takes has roots deeply entrenched in ancient holistic health care. We take health traditions that have been going on for centuries and present our customers with the powerful essence of nature they need to practice holistic health care. It is not just the historical traditions that go into our products; our products are equally researched in the laboratory so that we bring you something that is backed by both science and tradition. What we are bringing to the market is not just any other organic product. It is a complete lifestyle.

Understanding Health Revival

Modern allopathy closely follows ancient traditional therapeutic practices. What we have now in the form of Aspirin tablets was found in the form of the bark of the willow tree in the old times. The only difference is we’ve cut nature off from us. Humans took what they thought was valuable to them and turned it into a mechanized, unnatural process. But can we consider ourselves as healthy human beings after the many advancements in technology and modern medicine? Of course not; even though our health care systems have considerably evolved, many more diseases are plaguing us now, and our immune systems are getting weaker and weaker.

When we try to identify the real reasons behind this general deterioration of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being among people across the globe, the disconnect from nature comes on top of the list. Fortunately, people are now starting to realize what they need, and the natural phenomenon of herbal therapy has again gained popularity.

Many indigenous tribes worldwide that exist even today rely on the therapeutic power of nature. If you want to learn more about herbal traditions and other forms of natural health revival, there are tons of historical therapeutic traditions and scientific data in researches. These studies, some of them from prominent physicians in history, have been preserved over centuries and are evidence of the remarkable therapeutic power that resides in nature.

Some scriptures even date back thousands of years ago, suggesting that searching for herbal drugs within nature is almost as instinctual as foraging for food and water. However, the knowledge people possessed then was limited and sometimes led to unfortunate results. Nevertheless, now, with the advancements in technology and research methodology, newer and safer methods of trial testing herbal therapies have come into practice.

Modernization and Herbal Health Revival

Our ancestral knowledge on the extensive use of plants as edibles and derived extracts has paved the way for modern research. This has allowed the integration of these findings into more modern and valuable doses. As if the natural therapeutic power of herbs and other plants was not incredible enough, science has enabled us to isolate the active compounds in those natural substances and harness the full power of nature and access it from the comfort of your home. RETROMASS, with the help of extensive research, is bringing pure natural extracts of plants and other natural substances for you to benefit from. Moreover, close monitoring, regular quality control testing, and ethical and organic sourcing of herbal products have allowed for more consistent and effective products that produce similar results each time. Another essential factor contributing to the popularity of herbal therapy in modern times is the absence of adverse side effects of using organic herbal products.

Nature possesses the power to heal, and it is only natural for us to seek it. Traditional health revival practices such as Ancient Greek, Ancient Egyptian health care practices, to Indian Ayurvedic and Ancient Chinese therapies are our biggest inspirations. However, our products are not just inspired by traditional health revival practices but also tangible scientific findings. Our brand’s approach towards ancient therapeutic practices and the use of herbs and other natural substances and our aim to bring their extracts to our customers is what makes RETROMASS such a unique brand.