Holistic Club

Are you prepared to embrace a Holistic Approach to living the life you've always desired? Join the Holistic Club to begin your journey toward holistic living. Whether you are a Holistic Yours Member or a Holistic Affiliate, there are numerous ways in which our Holistic Family Club can assist you in understanding the benefits of being in the Holistic Family.

Holistic Yours Reward 

The Holistic Club has several loyalty programs that helps you to accumulate points and use the points to redeem products and services throughout our website.  

Redeem Points: 

  • As a Holistic Yours Member, you can redeem your points for products and services offered by the Holistic Club.
  • You can redeem your points for Holistic Product of the month. 
  • You may redeem your points to pay for shipping charges.
  • You may also use your points to redeem discount upon checkout. 

Are you exciting about how you can earn loyalty reward points?    It is very simple and easy to do:   

As a member of the Holistic Family, you will automatically be enrolled as a "Holistic Yours Reward" program. Here are the ways to accumulate your reward points:

  • Create an Account: When you create an account with us, you will receive 50 Holistic Yours Reward Points. 
  • Make a Purchase: Each time you make a purchase, 1 point is giving to each dollar you spent. 
  • Became an Affiliate: (TBA)
  • Refer a Friend:  Your friend will receive 5% discount on a purchase with your dedicated discount code. Plus, you will gain another 50 points added to your Holistic Yours Reward. 
  • Happy Birthday:  You will receive 20 points for your birthday every year.
  • Leave a Review:  Earn 20 points for reviewing a product on the website.
  • Facebook Share: Earn 10 points when you share RETROMASS website on your facebook.
  • Push Notification: Earn 20 points for allowing push notification. 

We work very hard to keep the earning of loyalty reward points as simple and easy as possible. If you have any issues or suggestions about Holistic Your Reward, please write to us at cs@retromass.com, we will be happy to assist you.