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Sweet Almond Oil Sweet Almond Oil is extracted from almond nuts and used directly to your skin in order to stay beautiful and...


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Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil is extracted from almond nuts and used directly to your skin in order to stay beautiful and youthful. It has been used for centuries to treat skin problems and minor cuts and wounds. Sweet Almond Oil makes skin extra soft and smooth. Beauty and cosmetic companies use Sweet Almond Oil as the key ingredient in expensive creams and lotions. Our carefully selected and high graded Sweet Almond Oil is a perfect remedy to be added into your beauty routines.


Our Sweet Almond Oil contains a variety of nutrients that are essential to smooth and beautiful skin. This oil contains vitamin A, which smoothens with fine lines, vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties that prevent damage cells & Omega 3 fatty acids that protect the skin against sun damage and prevent premature aging. It also contains Zinc, which heals acne and other unwanted scars.


This oil has various benefits that can help you in achieving beautiful and youthful skin. It can be used to reduce the puffiness under your eye and treat dark circles. Almond oil contains emollient properties that may improve skin complexion effectively. This amazing oil can also treat both mildly dry skin to serious skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It also used to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, protect the skin and reverse sun damages to the skin.




Maintain Good Complexion and Skin Tone. Reduce Eye Puffiness & Dark Circles. Make Skin Glow. Help Reducing Scars, Fine Lines & Wrinkles. Protect Against Sun Damage. Treat Acnes, Smooth Psoriasis and Dry Skin. Reducing Stretch Marks.


Use a few drops and combine with any of our essential oils and apply to any area of your face, hair and body. 

Makeup Remover

Use as a makeup remover, apply a penny size amount into your palm. Using your fingertips to gently apply the oil for makeup remover.  Then, use  clean cotton balls or warm water cloth to remove the oil. Apply oil again for a quick facial massage follow by with your favorite cleanser.


Sweet Almond oil is known as a carrier oil, you can easily harmonize other essential oils and work deeply into the skin.  Blend Sweet Almond with tea tree, lavender, rose geranium or any citrusy type of essential oil. Test the essential oil on your wrist before blending the oil when baby  care your face. Add one ml of the essential oil of your choice with an ounce of almond oil and mixed into a high quality massage oil to detox the body buildups,  When use oil mixture to damp skin and rinse as an oil cleanser and leave on till your next shower. 


Use Sweet Almond Oil as your moisturizer. Gently pat a few drops of sweet almond oil onto your face by using your fingertips, massage for 1 minute and leave the oil on until the oil absorb fully into your skin.  You may leave the oil on as a longer lasting moisturizer until your next regular shower. 

Facial Oil

To use Sweet Almond Oil as your facial oil,  simply take a few drops for your face, add a few more drops for your full neck and shoulder area where usually exposed in the open.  Take a few drops in the your palm and use the tip of your finger to pat the oil on your face and gently massage in upward strokes for a good facelift. 

FOUND IN Our Blend Products.


Sweet Almond Oil is normally used as a carrier oil,  you can mix other carrier oils and essential oils of your choice.  Using a carrier helps with absorption and prolong the effect of the essential oil. It also slows the process of evaporation of the essential oils. We think Sweet Almond makes one of the best carrier for essential oils and a good source to create your own natural cosmetic blend. 



Almond is considered safe for all skin types unless you’re allergic to nuts, don’t use almond oil on your skin. Make patch test before applying it to your face.

Talk to your doctor or dermatologist if you don’t know if Almond Oil can be allergic to your skin. 

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Sweet Almond Oil

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