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  ROSE OIL Infusion vs. Rose Essential Oil The potent aroma of Rose essential oil requires a significant amount of rose flowers...


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ROSE OIL Infusion vs. Rose Essential Oil

The potent aroma of Rose essential oil requires a significant amount of rose flowers to produce, the outrage cost to produce through distillation for the concentration of rose aroma can be tremendous. Most of you tried infuse method rose buds, rose pedals and entire rose flowers, but the aroma just cannot reach the ultimate and concentrated scent of rose compares to the high cost rose essential oils.  



Our bio scientists spent years experimenting and improve infusion methodology in flower essences. In 2021, we officially release this formula to those who love rose oils with passions and yet will not tolerate expensive cost to obtain them. ULTRA INFUSION is the way we conduct our process during the time of infusion. First of all, the picking the right season of harvest and infuse is the initial key to the formal. Second, what formula that needed to be include in the infuse oil. Third, what are the impacts made to the course of infusion, for examples, the environment, temperature and as well as the physical movements of the flowers which contained in the infusion jar. Last but not least, the length of time that needed for the flowers to fully vapor and dissolved with the infusion oil. Despite, there are other elements to be carefully selected in making the best Rose Oil. However, with the proper loving and caring that coming from the infuser in the lab, the rose oil would be the highest quality among the infused Rose Oil you can find in the market.



The Rose Oil - ULTRA INFUSION Bottle must go through an accumulated of 30 hours treatments which divided into a daily 10 minutes of treatment per day, total requirements of 180 days (6 month) to complete the ULTRA INFUSION process. The daily 10 minutes of treatment including placing the infused oil and bottles next to a wood burner and let the heat pumps in the air with temperature fluctuating between 80-92°F. While the temperature fluctuates, the infused roses, oil and bottles are sitting on a lab quality ultra-vibration device. Our best result of Ultra Infusion process is taken under the micro vibration of 18 times per second. The oval shaped container used allows roses rooms to exercise while gradually release the precious rose therapeutic particles to the infused oil. 


Our ULTRA INFUSION Rose Oil came out after six months of non-stop daily treatments, the concentrated scent is comparable to some of the rose essential oils out there in the market. We bottled them in three sizes so you can give it a try before you move on to a larger bottle. We also include extra roller or bottle with a pipet that you can use without hand contact to the rose oil. Our roses are premixed with vitamin E to prevent any anti-oxidant of the rose itself, therefore the preservation of our ULTRA INFUSION Rose Oil can be longer than usual. Make sure the oil is kept in dark cool place without being exposed to the direct sunlight.




Stimulates Sex Drive. Release Mental Fatigue. Help Mental Depression. Skin Rejuvenation. Anti-Inflammatory.





Applying small amount directly to the area you desire. Use this oil directly to the area you like to improve. Mix with any carrier oil or essential oils of your choice, use on dry area and massage over. In case of allergy, apply small patch test and wait a few hours before regular use.  


Do not let children under 6 years old to intake this oil. Do a patch test on a small part of your skin to see if your skin will react negatively. Do not consume this oil internally in large amounts. Don't allow this oil in contact to your nose and eyes. Keep this oil beyond the reach of children.


Any statement regarding this information have not been evaluated by FDA and are not intended to cure or treat medical disease. This product is only intend to be used as cosmetic and skincare.

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Pink Rose Ultra-Infusion

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