Holistic Blends Travel Roller Set (Essential Oil)

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24/7 HOLISTIC LIVING Oil Blends Travel Roller Set   Start Your Morning with A.  MORNING BLEND (6AM to 9AM) We all need to...


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Oil Blends Travel Roller Set


Start Your Morning with


(6AM to 9AM)

We all need to roll out of bed. Why not use our morning roller to help! We are using some quality scents with top note citrus oils to jump start your morning. There are endless combinations out there, but this one is the most motivating of all with tremendous great aromatic quality in the blend to start your day. Our Sweet Orange Essential Oil is the best quality of all which produced in Germany. Orange is known as Liquid Sunshine, it brings you happy emotion and bright smile. Everyone should wake up feeling optimistic, you should too! Cedarwood sets you in a stable mood, eliminates anxiety you often had in the morning when getting ready to kick off your day. Bergamot is well known to benefit mental health, it also reduce skin sensitivities especially in the morning. Frankincense is there ready to help with morning sensitivities. Our California Lemon will boost your morning fatigue so you can begin your day with a friendly voice.

Retromass Essential Oil Blends:   


Start Your Work with


(10am to 2pm)

It's your turn to be Mr/Miss popular!  Wondering why someone can be so popular at work and some get left out in the corner?  This blend is your answer.   After a nice morning start with our morning blend,  you wanna continue your smile and spread that bliss emotion across your work place and among your co-workers.   Impress your boss and customers with BLISS Blend,  you can sense blissfulness and accept everyone around you with open arms.   Make you and other smell good in the same time and become the center of the attention while the bliss aroma is making the office a happy place to work for everybody.   It's all because of you!   This long extended scent is consist of 8 Retromass essential oil blends which are carefully selected and tested by our therapist.   Rose Geranium is added as top of the list for Bliss mainly because its strong anti-anxiety agent. This traditional scent is easy going and yet pleasant to inhale.  Lavender promotes calmness and wellness,  it also reduce stress situation,  perfect for a busy work environment.   Peppermint and Formosa Hinoki are added to give you that boost of spirit and energy to extend your blissfulness all the way to two o'clock in the afternoon at work.  Just feel the level of your popularity surges within the first week of using BLISS.  You're a star.


Keep Up Your Work with


(2pm to 5pm)

You're running a marathon,  keep working going, targeting deadlines, team meetings, sales calls, concentrating on your keyboards...ENERGY ENERGY ENGERY, give me ENERGY and nothing more.   Our energy blend is here to boost those final hours of your workday; keep your cool and clear head, efficiency is the key while anxiety and fatigues are nothing.   The end of day will land beautifully with our Energy Blend.  Focus and getting things done at the last few hours of work;  making the last push run to the final line with 7 high quality Retromass essential oils blend all to the winner's benefit.   Our Energy Blend combines the best combination of citrus oils (Orange, Lime, Grapefruit, Lemongrass) into the formula. Menthol clears your mind and thoughts and allows you to focus on your tasks.  Rosemary is added to improve your brain function while peppermint gives you the overall boost like no others.

Meet After Work with Passion 


(5pm to 9pm)

Meeting friends for a drink after work?   Join your family for dinner and chitchat about how your days went?   Passion blend is here to alter your mood from a hard day's work to a mood that is full of positive and love for life.  Let your friends and family look up to your  "yes I can"  passion for everything and everyone around you.  That's you, happy, hardworking, positive and well-rounded personality all because our travel size passion blend roller is kept in your pocket anytime you needed it.  Passion contains possible aphrodisiac effects for women, the best blend to wear during your dinner date or if you decided to spend a quiet evening at home cuddle.  Make your date wanted more of you and seeing future about you by eager to engage any positive conversation with you or even simply wanted to see you happy with a passion.  This blend can help with all that,  all you need to do is to roll around your face, neck, arms, wrists, behind your ears or inhale through your own handkerchief whenever and wherever. it's true and as simple as it is with our Retromass 8 essential oil blend.    


Take The Edge Off with Calm


(9pm to 12Am or Yoga Meditation)

It's time to take the edge off from a long day.  Relax when you decided to call it a day and return things all to yourself.   Our Calm Blend is here to land your exiting day to a peaceful evening before bedtime.   You can also use this blend for yoga session or meditation anytime of the day.   Sometimes when you get overheated of things don't go your way at work,  you can also relax with this blend by helping to you lessen your worries and unwind your negative feelings.  Our Calm blend is to relief and erase nervous emotion,  you can also find the similar formula in our Laylah Sleeping Aid Remedy that helps many of our holistic members to relax and alter mood before sleeping time.

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Holistic Blends Travel Roller Set (Essential Oil)

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