Affiliate Partnership

Get detailed profit reports and learn what's working best for your website. With our online daily reports, you can keep track of your commissions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our reports assist you in determining what drives your customers to purchase and the types of products they prefer. To assist you in monetizing your website, we give you with easy-to-read analytics for your traffic, income, earnings, conversion rates, and link types.

List of Reports 
  • Earnings
  • Orders
  • Link-Type
  • Daily Trends
  • Tracking ID Report
  • Overall Summary
  • Pay History

Toolbar for Affiliates
Use our Affiliate Toolbar to effortlessly add links and see your revenue in real time. Link Any Page
Go to any of our product detail pages and copy the URLs directly from the page you're on. The toolbar can be used to create short-links.
Product Links

Share On Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook both are good places to start. 

  • Create instant Facebook or Twitter update with a link to the product page.
  • Create personalized text links, text plus picture links, and image alone links.
  • Use Easy Links, high-converting promotional and announcement banners that we provide directly to your site.
  • Enhance your product links with product previews.
Start Your Earning Today 

Holistic Affiliate Program

You may establish a membership link and begin utilizing it in just two steps. 

Create the information by filling in all of the required contact information. Your username will be used as the connection to your membership. Your membership link will be generated automatically once your profile has been created. You'll find a link in your profile if you scroll down.

Congratulations on your achievement

You may immediately begin earning money by bringing customers to our stores. Every month, a portion of the profit will be sent to you. Best of luck!
Just scroll down your profile and you'll see a link in it.
Example, From 1% to 10% 2–5 percent level:
Level 1- Earn 10% from sales

Level 2- Earn 5% from sales

Level 3- Earn 3% from sales

1.   Now, if a member is registered, it is intended to be a level 1 member. If other members register using the first member URL, it is level 2 member

2. If the customer buys an item, he gets a 10% discount after clicking on Member 2, and the first member gets a 5% (level 2) discount on re-trading. Congratulations to you! You can now start making money by attracting people to our stores. We will send you part of the profit each month. Good luck!